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July 2nd

The Book of James

Speaker: Rev Andrew Lunn 



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The Ultimate Book Club will, over time, enable us to see the big picture of the Bible, book by book and month by month. The fact that many people are reading the same book around the same time may mean that those who are coming to it fresh can be helped along by those who are more familiar.

The launch took place at the beginning of June in line with the call from the Methodist Connexion for us all to read and make reference to the book of James during that month. 

This unusual time is designed so that most people who are in paid employment and those who are not able to come out in the evening can come along as well as friends from other Churches in the Circuit, Churches Together or elsewhere. There will be a warm welcome to all.

Soup and drinks will be served from 12.15 for those who want to enjoy fellowship after the services. Others may want to bring a packed lunch or just turn up at 1pm. 


Brief introduction to James

Many commentators are of the opinion that James is the James mentioned as one of Jesus’ half brothers in Mathew 15 v.35. You could describe it as the New Testament’s answer to Proverbs. It is a collection of wise and pithy thoughts from a Christian perspective. These are extremely practical in everyday life. It deals with subjects like finding wisdom, controlling what we say, the origin of wars, attitudes to wealth and poverty, faith and action, patience and prayer. It is vivid in imagery including rudders, fires and farming. The fine example of some Old Testament characters, including the faith of Abraham and prayers of Elijah are referenced.

This book only takes about 15 minutes to read but is worthy of repeated readings, study and memorising. However the book for July will be Genesis which has 50 chapters so you may like to start reading it early on it in June. Our own Minister, Philip will be speaking on Genesis at 1pm on August 6

Brief Introduction to Genesis

The name Genesis means ‘origin’. It brings to life the creation of the Universe, and the downfall of mankind in a poetic and picturesque way. It moves on to the origin of the chosen family of God. It is thought that Moses may have written down the oral tradition which had been passed on for generations.

Even though it is a long book it is an easy read because it consists of fascinating stories. The first 11 chapters include Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel and Noah. From Chapter 12 we are introduced to Abram. God promises him that he will be the Father of many nations, people too numerous to count. His son Isaac escapes being a human sacrifice and goes on to have twin sons Esau & Jacob. Jacob has 12 sons whose later offspring are called the 12 tribes if Israel. The next to the youngest is Joseph whose story is so wonderful it has been turned into a popular musical and helps us to see that God has plans and calls us all to forgive those who have wronged us.  This ancient book was written to record the story of a people’s faith and to help keep that faith alive.


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