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This is a mix of activities and children’s worship aimed at families with young children.  

It takes place from 4-6pm on the second Sunday of each month. 

It is fun, creative and there’s always food to follow a very short, child-friendly service in Church.

The first hour involves a range of craft activities and games to get involved in, which link in with a different Bible theme or story each month.

Our themes have varied from Messy Gardens, the story of The Good Samaritan, Joseph and his coat of many colours, a Messy Olympics and we’ve even had a Messy Baptism and Thanksgiving!

At 5pm we have a short service in Church, based on the afternoon’s theme, usually with a story and a couple of songs and then everyone has a ‘Bring and Share’ tea together in the Main Hall, finishing around 6pm. 

Next: March 8th @ 4.00pm  

 Messy Church does Science.


This month, we’re thinking about exploring our wonderful world that God has made.
We will be doing various 
experiments and learning through science about the amazing things surrounding us.
 to find out more about what we do.



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